SIStema de LOcalización de PErsonas WIfi (SISLOPEWI)

Research areas:
Status: Finished
Type Project: Public_Regional
Project leaders: Manuel Ocaña
Collaborators: Luis M. Bergasa; Elena López; María Soledad Escudero; Rafael Barea; Pedro Jiménez; Jesús Nuevo; Pablo F. Alcantarilla; Iván García; Fernando Herranz; Noelia Hernández; Ángel Llamazares
Funded by: CAM-UAH
Funding: 12402.00 EUR
Proposed start date: 2009-01-01
Proposed end date: 2009-12-31

The main objective of this project is the development of a people localization system using WiFi signal strenght measure. The system uses a priori radio map that is generated with an automatic training method based on a robotic system. In this manner the calibration effort can be reduced. The system can be applied to localize interesting points, like meeting rooms, operating room, etc., inside a building The system has these main characteristics:
1. Localization system is based on a small portable device. This device has a WiFi interface and it is able of executing of the algorithms. The selected device can be a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or an intelligent phone (PDA+Phone).
2. It is not necesary to add an adicional HW in the environment. We will use the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) that it is available in the environment.
3. The system has an automatic training method based on a robotic platform. The provided map can be adapted to the environment variations.
4. When the user position is known, the system will guide him through the enviroment up to reach the interesting point.
5. The system works in real conditions, then it is possible that there are people in the environment. It is important to remark that WiFi technology works in frequency that is very close to the water resonant one.