The UAH hosts the 21st edition of the International Workshop of Physical Agents where artificial intelligence will be the protagonist

On November 23 ends this international online forum focused on research on artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in control and interaction applications with physical agents,such as mobile robots, vehicles, manipulators, etc.

On Thursday 19, at 9 a.m., the opening session was attended by Javier de la Mata,vice-chancellor of Research and Transfer of the UAH, and Luis M. Bergasa,principal organizer and professor of the Department of Electronics.

In total there are 5 sessions, which can be followed in this link where researchers from all over the world meet to promote and popularize the scientific foundations of physical agents, for example mobile robots, vehicles, manipulators, biobots, etc. today, controlled with Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is expected to revolutionize our daily lives in the near future and the unstoppable 'robotic revolution' will open up a myriad of challenges for its application over many and varied physical agents.

The International Workshop of Physical Agents is sponsored by the Network of Physical Agents, Springer and Robocity2030 and addresses a wide range of research challenges in the fields of multi-agent systems, software agents, human-robot interaction, mobile robots, social robots, cooperating robots, autonomous vehicles, machine and deep learning, perception, localization, mapping techniques and autonomous navigation systems.

As in previous editions, the organizing committee supports presentations with live or video demonstrations and exhibitions and will feature presentations by leading subject matter experts. During today's closing Friday, awards will also be held for the best works presented during the meeting.


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