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Integrating ABSYNTHE autonomous navigation system into ROS

Llamazares, Ángel; Molinos, Eduardo; Ocaña, Manuel; Herranz, Fernando
Year: 2014
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Keywords: Autonomous navigation; dynamic environment; obstacle avoidance systems
Editor: IEEE - RAS
Volume: Integrating ABSYNTHE autonomou
Book title: In Proc. of the ICRA 2014 workshop
Pages: 153-158
Month: June
ABSYNTHE, which stands for Abstraction, Synthesis, and Integration of Information for Human-Robot Teams, is an interdisciplinary project which aims to develop basic concepts and structures for the abstraction of partial views of the environment and the actions and intentions of teams, as well as the integration of this information into situation assessments. One of our key objectives with this project is to develop the autonomous navigation system to be used in different platforms (big all terrain outdoor and small indoor robots) that can contain a variety of heterogeneous sensors. It represents a challenging topic because we have to develop a robust and safety navigation system that can be used by these different robots. The goal of this paper is to show the integration of the navigation system into Robot Operating System (ROS) platform. Some experimental results and conclusions will be presented.
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