SARBOT (Search And Rescue roBOT) is a multidisciplinary spanish team composed of three Universities (UPM, UAH and UC3M) and one Public Research Centre (CAR-CSIC) to participate in the first DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC).

The goal of the DRC is to generate groundbreaking research and development so that future robotics can perform the most hazardous activities in future disaster response operations, in tandem with their human counterparts, in order to reduce casualties, avoid further destruction, and save lives.

Existing robot systems tend to have highly specialized and limited functionality, limited autonomy in perception and decision-making, demonstrate limited mobility, dexterity, strength and endurance, and are used primarily in lab settings.

The DARPA Robotic Challenge is focused on developing robots that can operate in rough terrain and austere conditions, using aids (vehicles and hand tools) commonly available in populated areas. Specifically, DRC wants to prove that the following capabilities can be accomplished:

  1. Compatibility with environments engineered for humans (even if they are degraded)
  2. Ability to use a diverse assortment of tools engineered for humans (from screwdrivers to vehicles)
  3. Ability to be supervised by humans who have had little to no robotics training.


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