Real-Time Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using a Wide-Angle Stereo Camera

Schleicher, David; Bergasa, Luis M.; Barea, Rafael; López, Elena; Ocaña, Manuel
Year: 2006
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Keywords: 3D sequential mapping; cheap wide-angle stereo camera; dynamic behavior; hand-waved camera; real-time ego-motion calculation; simultaneous localization and mapping; top-down Bayesian method; Bayes methods; stereo image processing;
Book title: Distributed Intelligent Systems: Collective Intelligence and Its Applications, 2006. DIS 2006. IEEE Workshop on
Pages: 55 -60
Month: june
ISBN: 0-7695-2589-X
DOI: 10.1109/DIS.2006.61
This paper presents a new method for real-time ego-motion calculation applied to the location/orientation of a cheap wide-angle stereo camera in a 3D environment. To achieve that, the goal is to solve the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem. Our approach consists in the 3D sequential mapping of natural landmarks by means of a stereo camera, which also provides means to obtain the camera location/orientation. The dynamic behavior is modeled using a top-down Bayesian method. The results show a comparison between our system and a monocular visual SLAM system using a hand-waved camera. Several improvements related to no priori environment knowledge requirements, lower processing time (real-time constrained) and higher robustness is presented
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