Low level navigation system for a POMDP based on WiFi and ultrasound observations

Ocaña, Manuel; Sotelo, Miguel Ángel; Bergasa, Luis M.; Flores, Ramón F.
Year: 2005
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Keywords: H-shape model; POMDP; WiFi observation; autonomous system; indoor navigation system; low level navigation system; low level robot control; partially observable Markov decision process; ultrasound observation; ultrasound range sensor; Markov processes; mo
Book title: Computational Intelligence in Robotics and Automation, 2005. CIRA 2005. Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International Symposium on
Pages: 335 - 340
Month: june
ISBN: 0-7803-9355-4
DOI: 10.1109/CIRA.2005.1554299
In this paper we present the low level navigation system carried out in a partially observable Markov decision process (POMDP) based on WiFi and ultrasound observations. We use an H-shape model for the corridor, obtained from ultrasound range sensor. This system leads the robot to follow a corridor while it's detecting transitions for each door in autonomous mode. We demonstrate that this system is useful as low level navigator in a POMDP for indoor environments with a real robot. Some experimental results are shown. Finally, the conclusions and future works are presented.
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