Fog detection system based on computer vision techniques

Bronte, Sebastián; Bergasa, Luis M.; Alcantarilla, Pablo F.
Year: 2009
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Keywords: advanced driver assistance system; automatic vision-based diagnostic system; camera projection equations; computer vision techniques; driving application; fog detection system; on-board low cost b amp; w camera; visibility distance estimation; water particles; comp
Book title: Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2009. ITSC '09. 12th International IEEE Conference on
Pages: 1 -6
Month: oct.
DOI: 10.1109/ITSC.2009.5309842
In this document, a real-time fog detection system using an on-board low cost b amp;w camera, for a driving application, is presented. This system is based on two clues: estimation of the visibility distance, which is calculated from the camera projection equations and the blurring due to the fog. Because of the water particles floating in the air, sky light gets diffuse and, focus on the road zone, which is one of the darkest zones on the image. The apparent effect is that some part of the sky introduces in the road. Also in foggy scenes, the border strength is reduced in the upper part of the image. These two sources of information are used to make this system more robust. The final purpose of this system is to develop an automatic vision-based diagnostic system for warning ADAS of possible wrong working conditions. Some experimental results and the conclusions about this work are presented.
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