Electrooculographic Guidance of a Wheelchair using eye movements codification

Barea, Rafael; Boquete, Luciano; Bergasa, Luis M.; López, Elena; Mazo, M.
Year: 2003
Type of Publication: Article
Keywords: electro-oculographic potential; eye model; control system; handicapped people; wheelchair
Journal: International Journal of Robotic Research
Volume: 22
Number: 7-8
Pages: 641-652
Month: july
ISSN: 0278-3649
This paper presents a new method to control and guide mobile robots. In this case, to send different commands we have used electrooculography (EOG) techniques, so that, control is made by means of the ocular position (eye displacement into its orbit). A inverse eye model is developed based in electrooculography and therefore the saccadic eye movements can be detected and know where user is looking. This control technique can be useful in multiple applications, but in this work it is used to guide a autonomous robot (wheelchair) as a system to help to people with severe disabilities. The system consists of a standard electric wheelchair with an on-board computer, sensors and graphical user interface running on a computer
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