Collaborative multi-robot Monte Carlo localization in assistant robots

Barea, Rafael; López, Elena; Bergasa, Luis M.; Álvarez, Sergio; Ocaña, Manuel
Year: 2007
Type of Publication: Article
Keywords: mobile robots; collaborative multi-robot localization; Monte Carlo localization; assistant robots
Journal: International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications
Volume: 3
Number: 3
Pages: 227-237
Month: October
ISSN: 1751-1461
DOI: itssa.2007.10.046
This paper presents an algorithm for collaborative mobile robot localization based on probabilistic methods (Monte Carlo localization) used in assistant robots. When a root detects another in the same environment, a probabilistic method is used to synchronize each robot’s belief. As a result, the robots localize themselves faster and maintain higher accuracy. The technique has been implemented and tested using a virtual environment capable to simulate several robots and using two real mobile robots equipped with cameras and laser range-finders for detecting other robots. The result obtained in simulation and with real robots show improvements in localization speed and accuracy when compared to conventional single-robot localization.
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