In Proceedings

Fuzzy-based System for Intelligent Diagnosis of Motion Problems on Ground Robots

Magdalena, L.; Sotelo, Miguel Ángel; Guillaume, S.; Bergasa, Luis M.; Alonso, José María
Year: 2004
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Book title: Proc. of 10th Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU)
Pages: 151-158
ISBN: 88-87242-54-2
This work describes the application of a fuzzy system using expert and induced knowledge, applied to the detection of motion problems in ground robots. Ap- propriate characterization of the robot behaviour becomes a key issue in or- der to identify the variables that should be used so as to detect the fact that the vehicle has collided against an un- detected obstacle, and that the obstacle is currently being dragged by the vehi- cle. Under those circumstances, vehicle consumption will be greater than nec- essary leading to an undesired situation that should be detected and corrected by an appropriate intelligent system
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