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Analysing Driver's Attention Level using Computer Vision

Bergasa, Luis M.; Buenaposada, J. M.; Nuevo, Jesús; Jiménez, Pedro; Baumela, L.
Year: 2008
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Keywords: 3D face model tracking; POSIT method; RANSAC method; computer vision; data fusion; driver attention analysis system; facial expression representation; head movement detection; head pose estimation; sleepiness detection; visual cues; visual distraction detection; comp
Book title: Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2008. ITSC 2008. 11th International IEEE Conference on
Pages: 1149 -1154
Month: oct.
DOI: 10.1109/ITSC.2008.4732544
This paper presents a system for evaluating the attention level of a driver using computer vision. The system detects head movements, facial expressions and the presence of visual cues that are known to reflect the user's level of alertness. The fusion of these data allows our system to detect both aspects of inattention (drowsiness and distraction), improving the reliability of the monitoring over previous approaches mainly based on detecting only one (drowsiness). Head movements are estimated by robustly tracking a 3D face model with RANSAC and POSIT methods. The 3D model is automatically initialized. Facial expressions are recognized with a model-based method, where different expressions are represented by a set of samples in a low-dimensional manifold in the space of deformations. The system is able to work with different drivers without specific training. The approach has been tested on video sequences recorded in a driving simulator and in real driving situations. The methods are computationally efficient and the system is able to run in real-time.
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