In Proceedings

An Experimental Study on the Interpretability of Fuzzy Systems

Alonso, José María; Magdalena, L.
Year: 2009
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Book title: Proceedings of the Joint 13th IFSA World congress and 6th EUSFLAT conference
Address: Lisbon
Interpretability is one of the most significant proper- ties of Fuzzy Systems which are widely acknowledged as gray boxes against other Soft Computing techniques such as Neural Networks usually regarded as black boxes. It is essential for applications with high human interaction (decision support systems in medicine, eco- nomics, etc). The use of accuracy indices to guide the fuzzy modeling process is broadly extended. In turn, although there have been a few attempts to define Interpretability indices, we are still far away from having a universal index. With the aim of evaluating the most used indices an experimental analysis (in the form of a web poll) was carried out yielding some useful clues to keep in mind regard- ing Interpretability assessment. Results extracted from the poll show the inherent subjectivity of the measure because we collected a huge diversity of answers. Nevertheless, comparing carefully all the an- swers, it was possible to find out some interesting user profile.
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